Dog Tag Necklaces

I had the best time with these new dog tag necklaces.  The idea behind the design was to create a collection that was accessible and identifiable.  By using 20GA sterling silver sheet to cut out the backgrounds for the tags, I can easily saw and customize my dog tag backing to fit any shape.  Then, I chose 18GA brass for the subject matter because I liked the contrast of the color and honestly, because I had a ton of it in my shop.  That goes back to the accessible thing though, and using brass gave me a big look without the big price tag.  Further, the simple platform of the design allows me to offer necklaces with endless options for the subject matter.  As long as I have a sheet of silver and a sheet of brass, I can make whatever dog tag I, or you, desire.  No molds to be made, no castings to clean up, just good old fashion sawing with a hand held jeweler's saw.  Stay tuned to see how these simple principles of production influence the next round of designs.